Shot glass to sippy cup

When did my shot glasses become sippy cups!?

cup framed 2

When did my shot glasses become sippy cups?

It happens to the best of us. We travel somewhere extremely cool, and we never want to forget the place. It’s where you striped down, got nekkid, let your hair go wild and did a few more things that would definitely tilt the scales to read, BORDERLINE INAPPROPRIATE. That magical, wonderful place helped you cross a milestone in your life. It does not matter what others think, all you know is you’re not leaving there without a few mementos. Screw the postcards…they just won’t do this time…you need something to hold in your hands. Something with a little more substance to it, something that will take you back and put a smile on your face when you close your eyes.

Yep, you need a shot glass, one that holds the good fire water. You are not shopping for a generic boring glass either. You need one that screams; I played, and then; I played even harder. Those shot glasses bearing a state’s name won’t make the cut this time. Nope, you want the one with alcohol measurements on the side, perhaps, even the striptease one. You know…where the guy or gal on the side of the glass gives you your very own ‘peep show’ as you sip it on down. What the hell! You just need to be taken back sometimes when the real world crashes in on you. That weekend holds so many good secrets both in action and thoughts.

Fast forward a few years. Those sacred glasses have been on a number of lips that were not even yours. The ones that have survived over the years slowly get pushed into the back of the cupboard. Occasionally, you get a glance of them while digging out platters for the holidays or family gatherings.

Those glasses still have the power to make you smile.

There they are…teasing you letting you know they still hold your secrets; even if you can’t remember what happened that weekend. The nights were filled with zero regrets or that’s how you would like to always recall them. Deep inside you know if those glasses could talk, your a$$ would be in major trouble. They made you do things you pray never find a way to the Internet.

I’ve collected many of these glasses in memory of never forgetting…life was once full of carefree, reckless fun. I don’t know about you, but I like to think I’ve left a mark somewhere in this huge universe.

Nonetheless, life changes as it should and our real adult life sets in.

Shot glasses are no longer viewed with the same devotion and love. However, the fun they were co-creators of has left the residue of ‘good-times’ somewhere in your persona.

Then this happens:

Granddaughter: Nana, I want that sippy cup.

(She points her little finger towards the back of the cupboard)

Me: Oh, baby girl that’s Nana’s cup…only Nana uses it.

Granddaughter: Nana, I like your pretty cup. I want some chocolate milk in it…pleazzzz.

She’s just staring at me with those big green eyes and an overflow of love for my sippy cup. Of course, I give in…washed the shot glass, and watched as she consumes at least six tiny glasses of chocolate milk. It was a harmless little cup, just a ceramic Louisiana mosquito hanging off the side of it.

As I turn around my grandson is pointing out the shot glass he must have. His choice is the chic with enormous boobs, wearing a red bikini. Of course…I cave. I’ve never seen baby boy that thirsty and happy to drink chocolate milk in my life. I swear; he went through at least a half-a-gallon with the biggest smile upon his face as his little fingers wrapped around those boobs.

Yep, the stories those sippy cups can tell.

I just thank the good Lawd the kids did not spot my ‘special penis’ sippy cup. The one my Aunt Deb got me during one of our crazy Mardi Gra celebrations. Yeah, that cup holds a multitude of sin.

Either way…it’s official!

Nana has the coolest sippy cups in the world.

Damit! Now, I got to find a new hiding place for my SPECIAL sippy cup.

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