‘Honey Please with T’Louise!’


Welcome to my blog!  A word of caution…this blog is not for the weak minded or faint of heart.  I have a lot to say, mostly about my life in the South and the characters that have been re-imagined in my mind.

I will use this forum mostly to reflect on the ‘good’ (slightly tainted), and sometimes misunderstood thoughts and memories of growing up in the deep South, as well as the many friendships made along the way. These ‘thoughts’ are my own and how I recall them. They are not distorted in any way (as I see it), and remain as true as possible (from my perspective). I am constantly amazed at how ‘real’ life can be. How could anyone possibly make this stuff up!?

I am merely a vessel…with a pen.

“I claim no resemblance to the heavenly angels above. My wings are more than tattered and this halo barely intact.”  T’Louise says.  “Everything I do (and say)…I can explain.  If not…Mama made me do it!” Creator and instigator of the original ‘Southern Dusty Angels'(TM)…T’Louise has been known to cuss, swear and enjoy a ‘lil firewater from time to time (lemon drop martini or a spicy bloody mary). “Mama always says, ‘the Truth will set you free’.

  I’m just here to write it down!”

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‘Lemon Drop Martini’

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‘Nipples for Jesus’

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As summer kicks off and the Blue Bell ice cream recall is behind us, I have been forced to recall another Blue Bell incident. Just so you know, I love ice cream as much as the next person. However, I can’t eat it without glancing down at my nipples. Yes, I’m aware that this is weird, but there’s no one to blame but the ice cream man.

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‘Shot Glass to Sippy Cup’

cup framed 2

When did my shot glasses become sippy cups?
It happens to the best of us. We travel somewhere extremely cool, and we never want to forget the place.  It’s where you striped down, got nekkid, let your hair go wild and did a few more things that would definitely tilt the scales to read, BORDERLINE INAPPROPRIATE. That magical, wonderful place helped you cross a milestone in your life. It does not matter what others think, all you know is you’re not leaving there without a few mementos. Screw the postcards…they just won’t do this time…

‘My Man and his Nuts’


My hubby is easygoing…until you jack with his nuts!

Some people say he’s the most patient man they know because he lives with me. I’ve always told him he’s like an old soul, a true and gentle spirit.
However, as of late I’ve seen a different side of him. He has lots of charm and a laid-back persona until you start jacking with his nuts…

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